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A Soul's Journey: Whispers from the Light

by Patricia Idol

Buy the book: Patricia Idol. A Soul's Journey: Whispers from the Light

Release Date: February, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Patricia Idol. A Soul's Journey: Whispers from the Light

provides an attainable path to enlightenment.

When I started reading this book, I thought it was just another channeled book about enlightenment. And it is. And the message from the author is very similar to others written in the same genre. What is different is the way Patricia Idol shares the message of enlightment with us. There is hope of attainment. The journey proposed by the Brotherhood of Raphael is a journey each of us can take. I often felt, when reading of monks finding enlightenment on the high reaches of some Tibetan mountain, how easy it would be to leave all the worries and responsibilities of this life, travel to a mountain top and seek enlightment as the only life's work I would have. I felt if I had that opportunity, I too, could find enlightenment. I realized how much harder it is to listen to the "soft still voice which comes from within" amidst the sounds of video games, cartoons, and angry music played much too loudly.

Idol shares with us that this life we are in the midst of is just a learning experience. We are here because we chose to be here, we chose the experiences we are having because we were willing to learn the lessons these experiences would teach us. Although I have long been able to accept that, I wondered why the lessons must sometimes be so painful.

"The Earth plane is a unique world and the only one of its kind. The inevitable reactions to each action occur quickly within this world. In other worlds the concepts of being are much broader and the reactions not as visible, thus it takes more wisdom to learn and understand the answers when they come. Within the Earth plane you learn quickly that there is a natural order of events and failure to accept and follow that order can result in difficult repercussions. For instance, you learn immediately that if you touch a hot stove your hand will be burned. If you hurt someone, then you must witness their pain. It is a technique which enables the soul to see his lessons played out befor him as if he were participating in a play upon a stage."

The book goes on to share ideas and actions on attaining enlightment for everyone, no matter where they are on the path of truth. It's a book that should be read over and over again at different points in one's life because so much more can be learned at each reading.

I thank Patricia for rising above her fears and sharing with us the message of hope and love The Brotherhood shared with her.

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