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Alawashka Language of Creation

by Lumari

Buy the book: Lumari. Alawashka Language of Creation

Release Date: 01 April, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Lumari. Alawashka Language of Creation

Awaken the truth of our Humanity

Lumari's explanation as the writer answers the questions of why we are here and why the things we cannot explain happen. She gives us the confidence and peace of mind that all happens as it should it its natural evolution. A very empowering book with excellent tools to put us all on our path to our true self knowing and self love.

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If I Could Have Only One Book...

This book is the clearest and most accurate book ever written on the history of the human race on planet Earth. No matter what your background, religion or belief system, reading this book activates memory and knowing from deep within, beyond conscious memory. Speaking the words of The Ancient Language Alawashka will open doorways of memory and consciousness in your life. My experience of voicing the powerful words of this language has been a rapid acceleration of harmony, power and purpose in my life. I feel in complete alignment with my life path, where immediate shifts began to happen. The words and story of Alawashka are simple yet profound. It is the Mother Tongue returned to us, and with them come the power of Creation at a time on Earth where we are in dire need of remembering our connection to Source through her language.

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