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A Labor of Love : the Journals of a Mystic

by Linda Sullivan

Buy the book: Linda Sullivan. A Labor of Love : the Journals of a Mystic

Release Date: 01 September, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Linda Sullivan. A Labor of Love : the Journals of a Mystic

Finding Answers

I was charmed by the simplicity and intrigue in the flow and storyline of this book. Linda brought to life, for me, her life story with her adventures, pitfalls, joys and romantic hopes. There were so many unusual happenings in her life as to make me question my own surety of the Nature of things. Although several times I sensed all was not right the ending was indeed a happy one:-)

Linda shows herself to be very sensitive in her realtionships with her friends and family as well as in her quest for her mystical teacher. There are so many opportunities she develops to fruition in her ever increasing circle of jazz musicians firstly. Susequently Judaism appeals to her. It is something she reaches into her childhood to relate to. She finds closer and closer relationships with the Jewish people of the local community (I wonder where all this actually took place?) and several of the synagogues. She has a personal reltionship with God that finds favor with her Rabbi of choice and ultimately converts.

The jazz scene is quite dynamic and proves very personal and complex. Her seemingly telepathic (I'm still wary of true mysticism) exchanges with her musician friends are maybe random, but are suprisingly inspiring and deep for her. She lives alone and visits the clubs frequently in her quest for a higher mystical plane of understanding. She travels near and far for such a person only to decide that that person may not be available to her. There is much magic, joy, humor and sadness at times. I found myself in suspense flipping the pages in earnest.

Judaism becomes her guide as she contemplates the Jewish mystics who use the Kabbalah as their guide. She didn't find the romantic satisfaction she was in search of with the jazz musicians. However the Jewish way of life provides her solace and joy. When the book comes to an end her fate is sealed as the mysterious Ray comes to her. Linda and Ray succeed in romance and adventure where they had failed before.

I'd reccomend it to those who may be looking for a perspective change

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