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Tangerine Dream Discography

Tangerine Dream - Antique Dreams CD. Buy online Antique Dreams (2000) Tangerine Dream  - Music CD
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Song listing: Oedipus Tyrannus Overture - Ultima Thule Part 1 - Calymba Caly - Flock of Bluebirds - Speed Dragon - Edinburgh Castle - Moorland - Sorcerer and Thief - Southend Mall - Cool Breeze of Brighton - Phaedra of Nottingham - House of the Rising Sun

Opinion of Jonathan Hierholzer from TX, USA

Sweet Dreams!

WOW!!! My first lunge into the psychadelic world of Tangerine Dream.. Antique Dreams has proved to be a mindblowing CD! As I said, this was the first TD I'd ever heard, and what a way to start! This music is truly a landmark release.. everything from the early beginnings of the psychadelic rock of «Ultima Thule Pt.1» to the surreal «Flock of Bluebirds» and the rubbery, driving «Speed Dragon». Some songs are basically soundtracks, like «Southend Mall», which is a very nice mellow piece that sounds like the music to some fuzzy 80's action flick, while the intense, blistering drive of «Cool Breeze of Brighton» will resonate in your mind for days with its fast pace, relentless synths and screaming guitar solos. This album is addictive, you will NOT be able to get it out of your player! It is both a nice mix of early and late TD as well as an all around coherent, fantastic, and unmatched album. Highly recommended for any lover of 80's synth music, atmosheric soundtracks, techno/trance, ambient, or just outstanding and groundbreaking music that will give your ears some refreshing entertainment, A++++++!

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Tangerine Dream - Canyon Dreams CD. Buy online Canyon Dreams [EXTRA TRACKS] (1999) Tangerine Dream - Music CD
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Song listing: Shadow Flyer - Canyon Carver - Water's Gift - Canyon Voices - Sudden Revelation - Matter of Time - Purple Nightfall - Colorado Dawn - Rocky Mountain Hawk

Opinion of Steve Benner from Lancaster, UK

A slick portrayal of some aspects of the Grand Canyon

This 1987 album presents the music from the Miramar video production of the same name. In addition to the 7 tracks from the video, (6 video chapters, plus end credit music) the CD contains a couple of additional tracks and provides about 9 minutes more music than the video. The opening track ('Shadow Flyer') is shorter on the CD, and is slightly different, having greater musical integrity and without the rather clumsy cueing overdubs present on the video.

In keeping with the video images, the music on this disc is all very gentle and relaxing and it hardly counts amongst the band's greatest accomplishments. The two bonus tracks by Jerome Froese are very much in the same vein as and fit in superbly with the rest of the material. These, together with the improvements to 'Shadow Flyer' make the CD worth having, even if you already have the DVD. And worth having instead of it, if you don't want both!

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