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Suzanne Ciani Music

Suzanne Ciani - Turning CD. Buy online Turning (1999) Suzanne Ciani - Music CD
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Song listing: Turning - Ocean Avenue - If I Could - Yang Ming Shen - I Believe in Love - Soaring - Enchantress - Bird and Fish - Lo Mer - Waltz for Julia - Turning [Instrumental] - Midnight Rendezvous

Opinion of mrkscy from South Central US

Suzanne Ciani's Turning Embraces the Soul

Suzanne Ciani's Turing is music that touches the human spirit. It is both reflective and inspirational. It carries the listener toward the inner sanctum of the soul and the infinite potential of the creative mind. Her 11th album might not have been created if she heeded the words of her mother who said, «The world does not need another album». Indeed we need this one! This CD is very timely because, as the talented Ciani says, she makes this album «... with the human desire to communicate with whomever will listen, to move perhaps from the very personal to the universal». In this work she has accomplished just that! (quotes are verbatim from the CD jacket)

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Suzanne Ciani - Velocity of Love CD. Buy online Velocity of Love (1995) Suzanne Ciani - Music CD
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Song listing: Eighth Wave - Lay Down Beside Me - Velocity of Love - Malibuzios - History of My Heart.

Opinion of Nicholas Croft from New York, USA

Electronic Love Songs

Electronic Music has many moods. Words such as: Spaced, Intellectual, Weird, Sterile, or Strange are often used to describe it. Perhaps it takes a woman's touch to bring the word Love into this domain. The Velocity of Love was one of Ms. Ciani's first efforts and it still stands the test of time. She uses quite a sophisticated array of instruments including the then to be envied Synclavier II. Her mastery of this equipment is evident in the five songs, but particularly on History of My Heart. On balance, hearts are subject to quite an array of emotions, yet the feeling she gives us here deserve more attention. Malibuzios is just plain fun. I would love to see SigGraph quality animation produced for her work. The music has earned it, and so have we.

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Suzanne Ciani - Meditations for Dreams Relaxation &asp; Sleep CD. Buy online Meditations for Dreams Relaxation &asp; Sleep (2002) Suzanne Ciani - Music CD
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Song listing: Inverness [Live] - Azzurro - Velocity of Love - Full Moon Sonata - Third Wave - Meeting Mozart - Go Gently [Live] - Midnight Rendezvous - 4 O'Clock in the Morning - Berceuse - Terra Mesa - Bel Canto - Lay Down Beside Me - Lumière

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