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Surrender - Mystical Music for Yoga

Bell, Agni
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Track Listings:
1. Namaste, Salutation (Opening Chant) - Kriyananda (Donald Walters)/The Joy Singers
2. Surya, The Sun God (Warm Up) - Agni/Lewis Howard — 3. Brahma, The Awakening (Energetic Postures) - Agni/Lewis Howard — 4. Vishnu, The Sustainer (Relaxing Postures) - David Eby/Derek Bell/David Miller — 5. Shiva, The Destroyer Of Delusion (Revitalizing Postures) - Derek Bell/David Miller — 6. Ishwara, I Am Light (Cool Down) - Donelle Page/David Miller — 7. Smritti, Cosmic Memory (Relaxation) - Anna Alessandri/David Miller — 8. Namaskar, Blessing (Meditation) - Kriyananda (Donald Walters)

Album Description by Terry Wood

Targeted at serious practitioners, Surrender features a mix-and-match assortment of traditional music assembled by author-composer Donald Walters to complement hatha sessions. Harpist Derek Bell is featured on two tracks (spanning 19-plus minutes), and two others (which total another 26 minutes) come from existing recordings from sitar artist Agni. Walters uses brief chants of his own to open and close the 58-minute disc, which he has sequenced to match the standard progression of yoga routines (warm up, energetic postures, cool down, relaxation, meditation, etc.). The music's character is distinctly Eastern, so look elsewhere if you are searching for a contemporary, "smooth yoga" recording. The Agni pieces (featuring sitar and tabla) are intricate and involving, the Bell selections (cello, harp, and keyboards) are gentle but repetitive, almost to the point of annoyance. This is earnest, traditional yoga music for devoted adherents.

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