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Slow Music for Yoga

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Track Listings:
1. Black Marble and Sweet Fire — Al Gromer Khan & Kai Taschner — 2. Salva Me — Thomas Barquee — 3. Arati — Rasa — 4. Sri Guru (part 1) — Rasa — 5. Prabhupada Padma — Rasa — 6. Matritamah — Hans Christian — 7. Bija — Robert Rich & Lisa Moskow 8. Emptiness is Form — Shafqat Ali Khan & Annapurna

Excellent compilation

Opinion of Jesus R. Amado from Marcabio, Venezuela

This album is an excellent compilation of very relaxing and soothing music not just to accompany your yoga practice or meditation but also to listen to and "let go" of your daily tensions. I've used it in my everyday yoga practice and it sure puts me in a meditative mood and helps me keep concentrated on the flow of postures and breath coordination; but I also listen to it while driving, on my way to work, and sure takes the stress away out of being stuck in rush hour traffic. As the title implies, this is a compilation of slow music, I rather called "inspirational", and is not only for yoga but is excellent as stress relieve ambient music in your home or office. I even played when I've a few friends over for drinks and conversation and creates a great background music.

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