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Canyon People - Rob Wallace, Bobby Jimenez Canyon People (2004) - Rob Wallace, Bobby Jimenez - Music CD

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Bobby Jimenez plays Native American 5-hole wood flute with Grammy nominated keyboardist and sound designer Rob Wallace on this new release which reveals the Legend of the Canyon People. Ignite your spiritual being with this 68 minute Native American New Age music and experience a sense of the ancient and the present.

Rob Wallace - Serenity Now - CD Serenity Now (2002) - Rob Wallace - Music CD

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Review by Serge Kozlovsky

A summer morning, a light, still fresh breeze is swaying a thick, sappy green grass on a meadow spangled with flowers of different colors. The bright blue sky is without a single cloudlet. There are freshness and heady odors of native grasses. And motley butterflies flitting here and there about racemes of wild flowers. This music is imbued with a peace. In a masterly fashion Rob Wallace introduces various natural noises in his music. A gentle murmur of a brook fills up all the space around in the composition "Solace". The rain dropping on the leafage, the voice of a lone bird in the composition "The Bird in the Forest" - and you find yourself in the forest during a summer rain when its drops are sparkling in the rays of the midday sun. All these noises are so expressive! Rob Wallace's keyboards go very well together with natural sounds, creating a single whole with them. The album "Serenity now" is one of the best example of a classic new age. It is extremely harmonious, moreover in Rob Wallace's music a striking lucidity of minds is felt. This imbues your soul with peace and quite, and, rejecting the fuss, you just want to listen to Rob Wallace's music and enjoy it. "Serenity now" resembles a thick heady balm that assuages your soul and heals your heart. The sound-design of the album is truly perfect. All the finest details of it are sharp-cut and thoroughly checked, there is a very refined stylishness in it. Most of all these features become apparent in a jingling limpid composition "Deep Blue Pool". Such a perfect sounding is not spontaneous: Rob Wallace is a recognized sound-designer who had created a sound-design for a great number of edutainment video games. "Serenity now" is a real delight, an exquisite dainty for a glutton of music. It is most likely that this album is among the first to be the subject for studying musical history some day. And gray-haired, bearded old musicologists will be delighted with this music, such ancient and incredibly young, because it is clear and organic. It is free from affectation and violence. It is as if the life itself, such as it is, without feigned problems and imposed wills. A butterfly flitting from flower to flower has no tomorrow, it lives today, the whole of it is here, in this day. Never mind what will happen tomorrow! Will this tomorrow come at all if we do not live, do not enjoy our life today?

Translated by Tatyana L. Permyakova

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