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River Dawn: Piano Meditations — music for relaxation, yoga, massage, healing

Catherine Marie Charlton

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Sings to my heart

Opinion of Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer Magazine

River Dawn is one of those extraordinary solo-piano albums that sing to my heart. The music is filled with a gentle, tranquil serenity that had me in tears within minutes of putting it on. I had tears of gratitude for the exquisite beauty with which Catherine Marie Charlton imbues her music and tears of joy that I had found such a precious gift for my heart. Indeed, even the hardest of hearts will begin to soften with the first notes.
Charlton composed and plays all the music on River Dawn. Although the album features nine tracks, it was produced without any breaks in the piano playing. The music forms a continuously renewed 60-minute musical landscape of such peace that it will send listeners into lengthy reverie. River Dawn will lend itself beautifully to various healing modalities, including massage, meditation, and yoga. If you are looking for a way to relax and renew, take a sojourn to River Dawn.

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