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Music of Oystein Sevag

Oystein Sevag - Bridge CD. Buy online Bridge (1997), Oystein Sevag - Music CD
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Track listing: Seed - Spiral - Circle - Hanging Gardens - Chorale - Pulse - Hermit's Horse - White Wings - Cobalt - Annual Rings

Opinion of Daniel R Greenfield from Illinois, United States

Between the old world and the new

Bridge is an album for people who have a mature and eclectic taste in music. In every sense of the word, this album is a bridge. And you will not care for this album, unless you are capable of walking across this bridge: Maria Sevag, the main violinist of this album and Oystein Sevag's wife, comes from a classical background, whereas Sevag's own Global House Band has always been played a jazzy adult contemporary music, with a sophisticated northern European flavor. I've read some negative reviews of this album from people who listen mainly to pop and ambient music. And as a rule, I would say that such people do not enjoy the walk out on this bridge. But as one who often listens to contemporary classical music, this album has always been a very positive listening experience.

Whether the album works for you, one thing is certain: you can't render an intelligent verdict on this album until you have let in grow into you. And trust me: This charismatic music will grow into you - if you let it. You will feel the icy cold northern ocean punish your face (as in Cobalt), and the hot gypsy passion seduce your libido (as in Pulse). There are really two types of music here: the hot, jazzy, seductively sensual; and the cold, dark, semi-classical, restrained, romantic, mostly with violin and piano. In summary, I would say that this is a sophisticated album for adults with an eclectic taste and appreciation for both classical and jazz.

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Oystein Sevag - Visual CD. Buy online Visual (1996), Oystein Sevag - Music CD
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Track listing: Painful Love: Prologue - Painful Love - Mountain - Motion - Tojojo - India - Here and Forever - Old Man [Live] - Windwave - Egypt - Cahuita - Shade of Tojojo - Rio Amazonas - Painful Love: Epilogue
Link - Oystein Sevag CD. Buy online Link (1993), Oystein Sevag - Music CD
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Song listing: Door Is Open - There's a Monk in My Garden! - Miles Near - Miles Away - Trust Your Wings - Long Night - Dance of Angels - Picture - Afrikan Flower - Door Is Still Open - Link - Memory - My Heart

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