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Om & Other Music for Yoga & Me

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Track Listings:
1. Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om 2. Sweet Verses (Gurudeva Vani) Sung By Sai Baba/ Om Gaja Vadan — 3. Sweet Verses Sung By Sai Baba/ Rama Tumhi Ho — 4. Sweet Verses Sung By Sai Baba/ Guru Baba Bolo — 5. Sweet Verses Sung By Sai Baba/ Sai Baba Tera Run — 6. Sweet Verses Sung By Sai Baba/ Krishna Krishna Radhe Krishna — 7. Sweet Verses Sung By Sai Baba/ Om Lambodara Hey Gajanana — 8. Sweet Verses Sung By Sai Baba/ Narayana Hari Om — 9. Sweet Verses Sung By Sai Baba/ Om Namah Shivaya — 10. Sweet Verses Sung By Sai Baba/ Om Mangal Darshan Gajavadana — 11. Sweet Verses Sung By Sai Baba/ Om Prathama Vandana Gaurindan

Wonderful, for a limited audience

Opinion of Alejandra Vernon from Long Beach, CA USA

The first disc is 75 minutes of the word "Om", chanted by a pleasant and sonorous voice. Excellent for those times when outside noise is making meditation difficult, or simply as an aid for focusing the mind.
Disc #2, which is 65’54 long, is a collection of 10 chants titled "The Mystic Revelation of Sathya Sai Baba". Each track begins with the holy man chanting melodiously for approximately 1 minute, with the exception of #9 and #10, which are both over 3 minutes. These chants are followed by "song" versions of them, performed by his disciples. They are for the most part up-tempo, rhythmic pieces, and the musicianship is excellent. I appreciate them more with each hearing, and favorite tracks are 3, 6, 9, and 10.
The sound quality for the Sai Baba selections is vastly inferior to the audio on the rest of the CDs. Except for the first track (which is exquisite), it's very fuzzy...however, there is a power and beauty to his voice that in my opinion more than makes up for the lack of clarity in the recorded sound.
Very nicely packaged in a slip case, it comes with a tasteful booklet which unfortunately doesn't have much in the way of information, but has an attractive layout with photos and inspirational quotes. Sathya Sai Baba is considered by many to be a modern day avatar, a man of many miracles, many healings...so for those who believe in his sainthood, this is a treasure, and for people who meditate, or like Indian music, it’s also a great CD set to have.

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