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Music for Yoga - Experience Relaxation, Healing And Inner Peace

3-Disc Set

Music for Yoga - Experience Relaxation, Healing And Inner Peace. Buy this CD More Info | Buy the CD

Track Listings:
Disc 1: 1. Namaste, Salutaion — 2.Surya, the Sun God — 3. Brahma, the Awakening — 4. Vishnu, The Sustainer — 5. Shiva, The Destroyer Of Delusion — 6. Ishwara, I Am Light — 7. Smritti, Cosmic Memory — 8. Namaskar, Blessing
Disc 2:
1. Hunter of the East 2. Thousand Blossoms Woke With the Day 3. Oh, Come With Old Khayyam 4. New Year Reviving Old Desires 5. Ah, Moon of My Delight 6. Alas, That Spring Should Vanish With the Rose! 7. Moving Finger Writes 8. One Evening at the Close of Ramazan 9. When Thyself With Shining Foot Shall Pass 10. Leave the Wise to Talk 11. Look After Me - In Vain!
Disc 3:
1. Intimations of Immortality 2. Remembered Pains 3. Soul Longing 4. Desire for Inner Change 5. Divine Melancholy 6. Nostalgia for a Lost Joy 7. "Where Is the Door?" 8. Hidden Mystery 9. Hope 10. Wonder 11. Remembered Aspiration 12. Expectation 13. Relaxation in the Self 14. Joyful Discoveries 15. "Lord, I Long to Know Thee" 16. "Make Me One With Thee" 17. "I Am Thy Joy!" 18. "I Am That I Am"

Album Description

The music in this box set, ideal for any style of yoga, is the perfect complement to your practice. Soothing and relaxing, this music can also be used for stress relief, healing, and meditation.
Each CD in this set has been enthusiastically tested and approved by yoga teachers and practitioners throughout the United States. “Music for Yoga” will improve your practice by allowing you to release tension, enter states of deep relaxation, and heighten your awareness.
This box set includes three CD’s: "Surrender: Mystical Music for Yoga"; "I, Omar"; and "Life is a Quest for Joy". Musical selections are drawn from both Eastern and Western traditions and offer a variety of moods and rhythms that will keep your yoga practice fresh and invigorated. Instrumentation includes sitar, tabla, harp, flute, cello, violin, keyboards, and guitar.

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