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Mannheim Steamroller Music:
Romantic Melodies CD

Romantic Melodies. Mannheim Steamroller CD. Buy online Romantic Melodies (2003), Mannheim Steamroller - Music CD
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Track listing: Serenity - Sunday Morning Breeze - Bittersweet - Slo Dancin' in the Living Room - Kanbai - The Sign of Love - Teardrops, Raindrops - Chakra 4 - Amber - The Seven Stars of the Big Dipper - Moonlight at Cove Castle - Nepenthe

Review of Romantic Melodies CD by Mr. Jim from Missouri-USA

Always following his basic instincts, Chip Davis never looks back but only to the horizon. This time the horizon is "Romantic Melodies", reminiscent of watching loved ones, birds in flight against a beautiful sky, standing before a forest of trees exploring what life is about and what is beyond. In my opinion, some of the most beautiful melodies ever written and performed by the Mannheim. Many cues begin with a light piano, percussion and moving strings---absolutely brilliant compositions.

Perhaps his greatest collection thus far, Mannheim Steamroller contains moments of quiet and almost dream-like cues, with driving rhythms mixed with counterpoints that lend to drifting over a beautiful sunset---seeing life for the very first time. Take for instance the opening track "SERENITY", blending and interwoven arrangements beautifully performed by Davis and the Mannheim gang. Chip sets his standards to the highest level with every composition---his impeccable inner feelings come through, which is the mainstay to all his fans.

Mr. Davis latest endeavor has captured the hearts of people who love good music. Found this album to be a tremendous help in my well being and state of mind. Life is so short on this planet of ours, time moves so fast we miss out on so much. When listening to "THE SIGN OF LOVE", gradually sink into total relaxation going back gently to reality, holding memories of long ago precious. Another cue is "TEARDROPS, RAINDROPS", rain as background mixes, plus the piano and synthesizers recapture the timeless moments of the past---as the listener appreciates the removable of thoughts from everyday events and concern.

As Chip has said..."Romance is in many forms in our lives". To many of us romance is falling in love, having someone tell you that you're special, holding hands with someone you care about, spending time with close friends and making new ones. And finally "Romantic Melodies", transform listeners whose "friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly". What wonderful Valentines we've become, thanks to our friends from Mannheim Steamroller.

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