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Klaus Schulze. Irrlicht/Dune CD. Buy online Irrlicht/Dune (1999), Klaus Schulze - Music CD
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Track listing: Satz Ebene - Satz Gewitter - Satz Exil Sils Maria - Dune - Shadows of Ignorance
Klaus Schulze CD In Blue. Buy online In Blue (1995), Klaus Schulze - Music CD
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Track listing: Into the Blue - Blowin' the Blues Away - Blue Moods - Wild and Blue - Out of the Blue - Midnight Blue - Return of the Tempel - Blue Spirits - True Blue - Aubade - Kind of Blue - Blue Hour - Serenade
Picture Music/Body Love Klaus Schulze CD. Buy online Picture Music/Body Love (1999), Klaus Schulze - Music CD
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Track listing: Totem - Mental Door - Stardancer - Blanche - P:T:O:
Klaus Schulze CD X. Buy online X (1998), Klaus Schulze - Music CD
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Track listing: Friedrich Nietzsche - Georg Trakl - Frank Herbert - Friedmann Bach - Ludwig Ii. Von Bayern - Heinrich Von Kleist

Opinion of Teresita Redinger from Des Moines WA United States

The Star Wars of electronic music

I've been listening to electronic music constantly ever since I was first wowed by Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygene" on 8-track in 1978. In the electronic music universe, Klaus Schulze is God. In 1978 the God of electronic music created his perfect masterpiece, "X" (or "Ten"). You've heard of people who saw "Star Wars" two hundred times? I've heard "X" two hundred times, because "X" is the "Star Wars" of electronic music. It is the perfect driving music. It is the perfect music to play at work. It is the soundtrack of my life.

The album begins with the 24 minute long "Friedrich Nietzsche" track, evoking sunrise and a fresh new day as it gathers itself together and finally gets underway in one direction like a train. Electronic music never sounded so organic. Not even Tangerine Dream can touch this, too often their sequencers seem to be left running on automatic and the human element of improvisation is lost. Clocking in at a short (for Schulze) five minutes, Georg Trakl uses an ingenious tape loop of a bass line as a skeleton which is gradually fleshed out with real drums, keyboard jabs, and a jazzy wandering lead that builds to a gentle hilltop and slowly drops down the other side, leaving you wanting more. Frank Herbert is the rocker on the LP, eleven minutes of relentless speed and fury, yet at no point does it become in any sense mechanical. I will forever associate this track with driving very fast over long, straight, and flat highways built over the swamps of Alabama and Florida.

The next three tracks are all long and more contemplative. Friedemann Bach is a pioneering example (together with the entire Schulze LP "Mirage" of a year prior) of what today is called "Dark Ambient." This 18-minute track is by far the darkest, scariest, most melancholy selection on "X" (although the impenetrable chaos at the heart of "Kleist" gives it a run for its money). Ludwig II. Von Bayern features a small string orchestra which Schulze made sound bigger by recording the material twice and doubletracking it, and then performing his electronic music on top of that. This track is usually considered the best one, and an excerpt was included on a greatest hits CD. At about 30 minutes, Heinrich Von Kleist is the longest and last track on "X." It begins as a calmer version of "Bach" and ends as a more climactic version of "Von Bayern," but the center of the track can only be described like this: somehow, Klaus Schulze managed to record an opaque and unknowable hole ripped out of his soul.

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