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Jean Michel Jarre,
Sessions 2000 CD, Discography

Beneath the Surface. Jean Michel Jarre CD. Buy online Sessions 2000 (2003), Jean Michel Jarre - Music CD
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Review of Sessions 2000 CD

Since his hit debut, Oxygene, nearly three decades ago, Jean Michel Jarre's music has been fairly predictable. With the notable exception of Zoolook, in 1984, he's continued to create variations on his electronic space music sound. Don't look for that on Sessions 2000, though. Instead, Jarre plugs into the vernacular of ambient electronica, using drum loops and grooves to create a postmodern, electro-jazz noir sound. Jarre's earliest musical memories from his childhood were of sitting on the knees of jazz musicians like avant-garde trumpeter Don Cherry. That influence emerges here in languid electro-improvisations. Jean Michele Jarre plays samples of Hammond B-3 organs, jazz vibes, mutating trumpets, and upright basses in cyber nightclub in a Blade Runner city. But the synthesist's improvisations seem spiritless, an aimless, wandering jam session of one, amid squiggly electronic bloops and bleeps with non sequitur robot voices popping out now and then. Sessions 2000 is a daring move for the venerated synthesist, but there is a difference between chilling out and nodding out.

John Diliberto, Amazon.com
Jean Michel Jarre CD - Equinoxe. Buy Online Equinoxe (1978), Jean Michel Jarre - Music CD
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Review of Equinoxe by Jesper Hansen

Who has made the best synth album ever? Well, some would say Schulze, some would say Kraftwerk, some Tangerine Dream and some Jean Michele Jarre. I guess that the question can never be answered - it's a matter of taste really. One thing is for sure though. When it comes to the ability of making atmospheric soundscapes and cathcy themes, Jarre beats them all. Equinoxe was released back in 1978 and synth albums from that period often sound outdated because of the progress with computers and synths in general, but Equinoxe will never become outdated. Jarre has a unique eye for detail and even though I've listened to this album hundreds of times I still find new things in the music that I haven't heard before. The album is complete, meaning that it never loses the atmospheric feel. The music isn't just in the room when you listen to it - it surrounds and embraces the room. Many have tried to recreate the feel of this album and all of them have failed miserably, no one has ever come close - except for Jarres own Oxygene. The "hit" songs of this album would be Equinoxe 4,5 and 7. To me there can be no doubt. This is the best album ever and you owe it to yourself to listen to it. If you don't belive me just read the rest of the reviews.

From amazon.com
Oxygene. Jean Michel Jarre CD. Buy online Oxygene (1977), Jean Michel Jarre - Music CD
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Review of Oxygene CD by Ben Miler from Lakeview, OR United States

Oxygene has been with me most of my life. My dad owned this album when I was a kid, but that LP disappeared in his collection in 1986, but in 1991 I bought me an LP of this to relive the nostalgia, and my attitude hadn't changed one bit of this album, and I can still say that to this day. Jean Michelle Jarre was responsible to making electronic music more acceptible to the mass audience, as much as I love a lot of the works of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream's earlier works, there were a lot of people turned off by their works, since their music was not as accessible. Oxygene, contrary to popular beliefs, is not Jarre's debut album. His first full album release was Deserted Palace in 1972, and he released a few singles before then, like "La Cage" in 1970. I hadn't heard these, as they aren't exactly easy to come by (I never seen them around). It was Oxygene that made Jarre a household name in electronic music, and is a truly stunning masterpiece in this genre. Very spacy, lots of lush string synths, with a strong emphasis on melodies, making it more pop-oriented than the likes of earlier Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, etc. It's basically a continuous play divided in to six parts. I only have one complaint of this album and that was the first half of "Oxygene V", because it sounds exactly like funeral music and I find it rather difficult to listen to, but the rest of the album is nothing short of amazing. It's too bad that Oxygene set a bad example of what electronic music would later be in the 1980s and 1990s, but that never stopped me from enjoying this album. Jarre might be a big figure in Europe with many albums hitting Top 10 over there, but in America, he's basically confined to a small, loyal following, basically, the same people who enjoy the likes of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Tomita, etc. Every time I listen to Oxygene, it gives much such fond memories. It's a no brainer, this album is an absolute must for all electronic lovers out there, so be sure to get a copy.

From amazon.com

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