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Govi music

Govi - Andalusian Nights CD. Buy online Andalusian Nights (1999), Govi - Music CD
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Track listing: Persuasion - Andalusian Nights - Gypsy Magic - Serenade D'Amor - High Spirits - Rumba Tumba - Carry Me Away - Glimpse Of Spain - Simplicity Of The Heart

Opinion of arawson35 from Los Angeles

Truly Magical Music

I think I picked up Govi's "Andalusian Nights" in a bargain bin somewhere...and what an incredible find!! This is the music that often plays through my house throughout the weekend when I am hanging with the family, relaxing and barbequing with friends. It sets a mood of relaxation and thoughts of far away lands and adventures. It's magical and beautiful and it flows with some kind of rhythym that you just can't help to react to...so I'm here checking out Govi and trying to figure out which one I should choose next. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated :)

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Govi - Mosaico CD. Buy online Mosaico (2002), Govi - Music CD
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Track listing: Bumblebeat - Euphrates - Spieg Dream - This Precious Moment - Mosaico - Wave Rider - Aphrodisiac - Smooth As Silk - Carousel - Moon Over Water
Govi - Seventh Heaven CD. Buy online Seventh Heaven (2000), Govi - Music CD
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Song listing: Rising in Love - Mediterrano - Havana Sunset - Walking on Clouds - Disappearing into You - Language of the Heart - Gypsy Heaven - Jacaranda - Garden of Eden - Wings of Love

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