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George Winston Piano Music

George Winston music CD: December, Piano Solos. Buy Online
December, Piano Solos (2001), George Winston - Music CD
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Track listing: Thanksgiving - Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head - Joy - Prelude - Carol Of The Bells - Night-Part One: Snow - Night-Part Two: Midnight - Night-Part Three: Minstrels - Variations On The Kanon By Pachelbel - The Holly And The Ivy - Some Children See Him - Peace - A Christmas Song - Sleep Baby Mine

Amazon.com Editorial Review

A quintessential example of George Winston's "folk piano" style, December speaks to the spirit of the season. Mixing traditional carols, a couple of classical works, and his own originals, Winston drops notes with icy clarity into a winter silence, rippling through "Carol of Bells" and coaxing dark, introspective moods from his own suite, "Night." The pianist's liner notes are also a trip as he cites the numerous sources for his music. Who would've thought that the gentle melodies of "Peace" were inspired by the soundtrack to TV's The Outer Limits? This 20th anniversary edition, which includes two bonus tracks, is a vast sonic improvement over previous releases.

John Diliberto

Opinion of rcg2 from Phoenix

Peak winter spirit

This is my favorite George Winston release... regardless of whether it is around Christmas time or not. From the brilliant man tickling the ivories, right down to the cover photography... hmmm, something about the birch trees in snow. I can't help but think that I've had this album (and CD) for years... 1982 seems like a long time ago for some of us. It just goes to show you how timeless some GREAT music is and can be. This remastered version with 2 bonus songs is wonderful. Put the CD on, sit down & close your eyes... turn it up... you'd almost swear George himself was playing in your living room (of course in his bare feet). Classic carols - "Joy", "Thanksgiving", "Carol Of The Bells", "Night (parts 1-3)", "The Holly & The Ivy"... every track here is truly inspirational. I can't help but think of lighting a fire in the hearth on a snowy night; having a hot cup of something to drink, relaxing on the sofa with my wife, and putting on "December"... and just relaxing. Listen to "December" and you'll find out that thru a man and his piano... inner peace can be found.

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