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Djivan Gasparyan music: Armenian Duduk

Djivan Gasparyan - The Art of the Armenian Duduk CD. Buy online The Art of the Armenian Duduk (2001), Djivan Gasparyan - Music CD
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Track listing: My Home - I Don't Give a Sigh in My Life - Brother Hunter - You Are a Ploughman - Call of a Herdsman - I Have a Word With a Prayer - That Spring - I Am Outcast by Yosu - Every Morning - Splendid Spring - Garden - Don't Ask Me - Waiting - Evening Hour
Apricots from Eden - Djivan Gasparyan CD. Buy online Apricots from Eden (1992), Djivan Gasparyan - Music CD
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Track listing: Taran Taran - Erzerum Dances - Marash Dance Tunes - Tanoum en Mayrik & Ghazakhi - Yerevan Bagh Em Arel & Yes Poujour - Halay Folk Dance - Pepo's Song - Tariner Antsan - Shalakho - Djan Gyuloum - Sourmaloui Yerk

Opinion of Linda from Northern California

Divine Duduk

Gasparian is the duduk player of the world. If you have never experienced the absolute serenety of this instrument, particularly as played in this album, you must experience it! It is unfathomable to me that anyone would not absolutely treasure every note of it. It is a CD that I am always in the mood for as it is very calming and peaceful - perfect to fall asleep to! As the duduk is pkayed, a second instrument holds a constant note. It makes for a very captivating sound. Moon Shines at Night is very similar but Black Rock is much more contemporary yet still fabolous. Does anyone know of an album where Gasparian plays with Armen Chakmakian? Heard it on nabster and would love to get it.

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Djivan Gasparyan, Michael Brook - Black Rock CD. Buy online Black Rock (1998), Djivan Gasparyan, Michael Brook - Music CD
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Track listing: To the River - Fallen Star - Take My Heart - Together Forever - Freedom - Forbidden Love - Immigrant's Song - Dark Souls
Djivan Gasparyan - Moon Shines at Night CD. Buy online Moon Shines at Night (2001), Djivan Gasparyan - Music CD
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Track listing: Lovely Spring - Sayat Nova - 7th December 1998 - Don't Make Me Cry - You Have to Come Back to Me - Tonight - They Took My Love Away - Moon Shines at Night - Apricot Tree - Mother of Mine

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