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The Future Sound of London - FSOL Music

Lifeforms - Future Sound of London CD. Buy Online
The Isness (2002), Future Sound of London (FSOL) - Music CD
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Track listing: Elysian Feels - Mello Hippo Disco Show - Goodbye Sky [Reprise] - Osho - Galaxial Pharmaceutical - Yes My Brother - Go Tell It to the Trees Egghead - Divinity - Guru Song - Her Tongue Is Like a Jellyfish - Meadows - High Tide on the Sea of Flesh - Goodbye Sky

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Six years after their future shock treatise, Dead Cities, Future Sound of London's Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans return with a psychedelic songfest. Exchanging electronic ambient loops, trip-hop beats, and alien textures for backwards guitars, sitar symphonies, and Donovan-style folk songs, The Isness captures '60s psychedelia in all its nonsense and nirvana. You can still hear the FSOL intellect and collagist aesthetic, but the duo have abandoned the sequencer-created hallucinations of their 1994 masterpiece, Lifeforms. Recording live drums, brass, strings, percussion, and vocals in their London studio, FSOL used an Apple Mac to arrange and treat the sounds into a cosmic song cycle. With Mellotrons surrounding Cobain's ethereal vocals, The Isness matches the "I Am the Walrus" dirge of "The Mello Hippie Disco Show" against the bucolic Donovan serenity of "Goodbye Sky." "The Lovers" recreates a boiling Hendrix funk meltdown. "Galaxial Pharmaceutical" recalls the epic bluster of Pink Floyd, and "Guru Song" the droning loops of the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows." It all works as magically as a tab of LSD. The Isness is a psychedelic classic, 30 years late.

Ken Micallef
FSOL CD. Dead Cities. Buy online Dead Cities (1996), Future Sound of London (FSOL) - Music CD
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Track listing: Herd Killing - Dead Cities - Her Face Forms In Summertime - We Have Explosive - Everyone In The World Is Doing Something Without Me - My Kingdom/Max - Antique Toy - Quagmire - In A State Of Permanent Abyss - Glass - Yage - Vit Drowning/Through Your Gills I Breathe - First Death In The Family
Lifeforms - Future Sound of London CD. Buy Online
Lifeforms (1994), Future Sound of London (FSOL) - Music CD

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Track listing: Cascade - Ill Flower - Flak - Bird Wings - Dead Skin Cells - Lifeforms - Eggshell - Among Myselves - Domain - Spineless Jelly - Interstat - Vertical Pig - Cerebral - Life Form Ends - VIT - Omnipresence - Room 208 - Elaborate Burn - Little Brother

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