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Deva Premal CD Embrace. Buy Online
Embrace (2002), Deva Premal - Music CD
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Track listing: Om Tare - Om Namo Bhagavate - Hari Om Shiva Om - Om Ram Ramaya - Shree Ram Jai Ram - Shante Prashante - Rang De - Teyata

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Deva Premal, a vocalist born "Jolantha Fries" in Germany, prefers to be known by her acquired name; "Deva" is a Hindu title for divine. She has attracted a following by framing ancient Hindu mantras within atmospheric, contemporary settings. The result on Embrace, her third release, is at times flavorful, at other times undistinguished, but it produces more intriguing moments than duds. On occasion, Premal aspires to Enya-like reverence (e.g., tracks 2 and 4), then elsewhere coos her ancient text atop gentle grooves and jazzy flutes (tracks 3 and 6) in a manner suggestive of Deep Forest. Some might describe it as "smooth chant." Highlights include "Shree Ram Jai Ram," a beautifully realized cross-pollination of East and West (highlighted by Kit Walker's free-floating piano and Premal's resonant choir of voices) that hints at what Joni Mitchell might create if she tried her hand at Eastern music.

Terry Wood
Love Is Space - Deva Premal CD. Buy online Love Is Space (2000), Deva Premal - Music CD
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Track listing: Om Shree Sache - Chidananda - Om Mani Padme Hum - Ide Were Were - Jai Radha Madhav - Gate Gate - Om Namo Narayanaya

Album Description

Graced by ancient mantras and mult-level harmonies, LOVE IS SPACE glows with an inspiring, heart-centered passion. Deva Premal's voice, like silk, like liquid bliss, is accompanied by Jai Uttal, Miten and Kit Walker's amazing keyboard and rhythm tracks. LOVE IS SPACE, as the title suggests, is a journey into the spacious golden land of chant. This is amazingly sensual music that is ideal for yoga, meditation, healing work, and, not least of all, slow passionate dancing.

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The Essence - Deva Premal CD. Buy Online
The Essence (1998), Deva Premal - Music CD

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Track listing: Gayatri Mantra - Om Asatoma - Tumare Darsham - Om Namo - Shima Shima - Sammasati - Yemaya Assessu - Gayatri Mantra - Bonus Track

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