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Delerium: Karma, Semantic Spaces, Poem, Spheres, discography, Delirium discography. Music for relaxation, meditation, New Age, Electronic, ambient.
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Delerium - Karma CD. Buy online Karma (1997) - Delerium - Music CD
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Song listing: Enchanted - Duende - Twilight - Silence - Forgotten Worlds - Lamentation - Euphoria (Firefly) - Remembrance - Wisdom - Window to Your Soul - 'Til the End of Time

Opinion of Lord Chimp from Monkey City

Mystifying, ambient ethno-dream pop

It's all very appealing to me: Beautiful, breathy female vocals layered atop lush electronic textures and ethnic beats. The day I heard this album was the day I fell in love with the voice of Kristy Thirsk. She has the voice of an angel, effeminately delicate but strong and organic with delightful phrasing. In fact, probably my only complaint with this disc is that Thirsk doesn't sing on more songs (just three: "Enchanted," "Wisdom," "'Til the End of Time"). I don't want to affront the considerable vocal talent involved aside from Thirsk, though. Sarah McLachlan's contribution (the lovely song "Slience") is gorgeous, and here her voice carries a sort of vaporous, ethereal quality I would have never ascribed to her. It sounds wonderful. I also enjoy Jacqui Hunt's voice on the playful "Euphoria"; she has a slightly more robust sound than the other singers. The album features purely instrumental songs as well as the corroborative vocal tunes. A considerable chunk of the album is consumed by spellbinding, non-vocal trance-y numbers, where echo-laden synthesizers, slow electronic beats, languid soundscapes, and ethnic touches create an atmosphere that mirrors sheer ambient, but with a more dynamic touch and certainly more engaging. These qualities combine with the simple form of pop songs for the vocal numbers, and it's killer. Karma is perfect "ear candy." And damn! Kristy Thirsk's voice could melt stone.

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Delirium - Spheres CD. Buy online Spheres (1994) - Delirium - Music CD
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Song listing: Monolith - Transmitter - Wavelength - Colony - Dark Matter - Cloud Barrier - Turmoil
Delerium - Semantic Spaces CD. Buy online Semantic Spaces (1994) - Delerium - Music CD
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Song listing: Flowers Become Screens - Metaphor - Resurrection - Incantation - Consensual Worlds - Metamorphosis - Flatlands - Sensorium - Gateway

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