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Deep Peace: Music for Yoga and Relaxation

Deep Peace: Music for Yoga and Relaxation. Buy this CD More Info | Buy the CD

Track Listings:
1. Heart Space — 2. Body of Light — 3. Deep Peace

I Love This CD!

Opinion of a music fan from Thomasville, GA USA

I was searching for just the right music to begin a daily meditation practice, and this was just what I was looking for. It's very slow and beautiful piano music mixed with some other ethereal sounds and it just flows beautifully. It also could be listened to while sipping a glass of wine with a loved one, or certainly for doing any type of yoga.
There are only three songs on the CD. One is about 20 minutes long, one 30, and one about 11, making them a wonderful length for meditating.
I'm also a fearful flyer, and have used this CD with great success while flying. It totally calms and relaxes me, and makes me forget I'm even in an airplane. I highly recommend it.

Ethereal Music for Yoga

Opinion of M. Fraundorf from Missouri City, TX USA

This is one of my all-time favorite CD's to use when teaching yoga. It is subtle and beautiful. The last track is the ultimate music for savasana. It takes my students (and me) to another plane. Ethereal is the best word to describe it. Thank you, Todd, for this lovely composition.

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