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Deep Forest: Music Detected, Boheme, Comparsa

Deep Forest: Music Detected CD. Buy Online Music Detected (2002), Deep Forest - Music CD
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Track listing: India - Endangered Species - Soul Elevator - Computer Machine - Yuki Song (feat. Beverly Jo Scott) - Beauty In Your Eyes - Elemental (feat. Beverly Jo Scott) - Far East - Deep Blue Sea (feat. Anggun) - Will You Be Ready (feat. Angela McCluskey & Chitose Hajime) - In The Evening - Dignity (feat. Beverly Jo Scott) - Endangered Species (remix radio edit) - Galleon

Opinion of jumpstudios from Tennessee

Deep Forest evolve...Again

Deep Forest's latest release finds the group in yet another uncharted realm, this time the inspiration being drawn from artists that have influenced them over the years. The results have divided fans of the act and on the surface it seems like the act has morphed into something quite unrecognisable. Eric Mouquet and Michael Sanchez describe the album as a modern protest album about the dangers of mankind & the environment, citing the music they grew up with as the inspiration.As a result, Deep Forest's trademark world beats and ethnic chants have taken a backseat to psychadelic guitars, thumping French disco beats, and full structured songs-most in English! And while this may sound shocking the whole thing actually works. If you listen closely, sandwiched between frentic beats and vocals you can still hear the sounds of wafty sitars, ancient voices and tribal sounds thrown into the mix but the experience is something different from previous works. This album will surely disappoint those who are looking for a relaxing new age/world album to calm the soul. However, if you are looking for an ecletic pop album "music detected" might be worth looking into. Lets hope Deep Forest survive their evolution a little better than the dinosaurs. Best tracks: India, Endangered species, Computer Machine, Deep Blue Sea. Weakest Moments: Yuki Song

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Comparsa. Deep Forest CD. Buy online Comparsa (1998), Deep Forest - Music CD
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Track listing: Noonday Sun - Green and Blue - Madazulu - 1716 - Deep Weather - Comparsa - Earthquake [Transition 1] - Tres Marias - Radio Belize - Ekue Ekue - Lune Se Bat Avec Les Éroiles [Transition 2] - Forest Power - Media Luna
Deep Forest: Boheme CD. Buy online Boheme (1995), Deep Forest - Music CD
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Track listing: Anasthasia - Bohemian Ballet - Marta's Song - Gathering - Lament - Bulgarian Melody - Deep Folk Song - Freedom Cry - Twosome - Cafe Europa - Katharina - Boheme

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