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Dao Dezi CD. Buy Online World Mix Album (1998), Dao Dezi - Music CD
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Track listing: Hebrides - La Jument de Mishao (Love Palace Mix) - Kokerikero - Ti Eliz Iza - Tri Martolod - The King of the Fairies - Gaspesie - An Tri Breur (Love Palace Mix) - 11.11.93 - Digor - Ti Eliz Iza (Love Palace Mix) - Ti Eliz Iza (Magic Carpet Mix) - Ti Eliz Iza (Youth Remix)

Opinion of a music fan from Sweden

Original and brilliant

Dao Dezi is definitely among the top ten albums in my 500+ CD collection, perhaps not because of its sheer musical quality, but because the album is simply so much fun listening to.

Fans of Deep Forest should know what to expect - precise electronic drums and basslines, mesmerizing stereophonic loops, sampled chanting and softly droning synthetic pads form the background for the various male singers. The singing on most of the tracks is energetic and very fast and even if you understand the French and Breton lyrics you may find it hard to sing along (and with melodies as catchy as these you will probably want to!).

The singing is complemented with brilliant instrumental passages played on bagpipes, bombardes, violons and various whistles and pipes. All very competently and professionally played and contributing to the "world music" sound of the album.

The first three tracks are by far the best ones and if the entire album had been of the same quality, it would easily have reached the five star mark. But unfortunately the album loses momentum by the end, and the Yello-sounding track "11.11.93" never fails to have me reaching for the "skip" button on my remote control.

I am not too happy about are the final three tracks either, which are just rather monotone remixes of the same song. It's a pity that there aren't remixes of three different songs instead of the same song - as it is, you may find it a bit boring having to listen to the same song three times in a row - even if the arrangements are otherwise completely different.

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Dao Dezi. Buy Online Dao Dezi (1995), Dao Dezi - Music CD
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Opinion of a A music fan from New Zealand

A Breton version of Afro-Celt Sound System

The album does for French/Breton music what the Afro-Celt Sound System does for traditional Irish. There's good vocals, bagpipes and bombarde with hard driving techno rhythms. This is Alan Stivell at the techno-dance rave. Not everybodies cup of tea, but if you like Irish/French-Canadian/Breton music that is new and different, try it out.

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