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Music of Cusco. Apurimac, Mystic Island, The Best of Cusco. Apurimac vol.2. New Age, ambient, ethno. Music for meditation, relaxation. Spiritual music, books, audio, video store.
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Cusco music CDs: Apurimac, Mystic Island

Apurimac, Vol. 2. Cusco CD. Buy Online Apurimac, Vol. 2: Return to Ancient America (1994), Cusco - Music CD
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Track listing: Montezuma - Quetzal's Feather - Dance Of The Sun Priest - Tula - Yucatan - Xul-Kan, King Of Palenque - Maya Temple - Mexica - Goddess Of The Moon - Temple Of Rememberance

Opinion of amber willard from Vermont, United States

One Word says it all...


If you know what good music is, then you'll like this album. A popular song from this is Montezuma. This song is featured on a Higher Octave collection album as well as the famous Pure Moods collection Vol 2. This album features songs that'll leave you breathless, Maya Temple is one of my personal favs. The songs are just right, not too slow or fast. Cusco, known for their creative ideas, puts in a lot of cleaver changes and sounds in the songs. If you are looking to buy a Cusco album and don't want to start with a "Best Of" album, then this is the one to buy.

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Mystic Island. Cusco CD. Buy online Mystic Island (1991), Cusco - Music CD
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Track listing: North Easter - Lucky Jack - Catalina - Fireshoes - Solitude - Leo - The Fox And The Lady - Milky Way - Lonely Rose - Pisces
The Best of Cusco CD. Buy online The Best of Cusco (1997), Cusco - Music CD
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Track listing: Montezuma - North Easter - Waters Of Cesme - Flying Condor - Bur Said - Tupac Amaru - Didjeridoo - Lonely Rose - Flute Battle - Ring Of The Dolphin - Quetzal's Feather

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