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Clannad Discography

Clannad - Banba CD. Buy online Banba (1993) Clannad - Music CD
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Song listing: Na Laethe Bhi - Banba Óir - There for You - Mystery Game - Struggle - I Will Find You - Sould Searcher - Caide Sin Don Té Sin? - Other Side - Sun Set Dreams - Gentle Place
Clannad - Clannad: Greatest Hits CD. Buy online Clannad: Greatest Hits (2000) Clannad - Music CD
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Song listing: Theme from Harry's Game - Buachaill an Eirne - Skelling - Scarlet Inside - I See Red - Wild City - Robin (The Hooded Man) - Coinleach Ghlas an Fhómhair - Lady Marian - Caislean Oir - Something to Believe In - Tá Mé 'Mo Shui - In a Lifetime - Bono - Fairy Queen - Turning Tide - Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn) - Now Is Here - Many Roads

Opinion of Mary from Franklinville, NJ USA


Regardless of the decade these songs were created in, they are TIMELESS. The entire blend is a wonderful one -- the instramentals are very well done, the vocals and harmony are enchanting & haunting at the same time. The music is both relaxing and/or invigorating as well -- depending on your mood. I enjoy this CD when driving, resting, or during my own artistic efforts. In fact, a creative person may find, as I have, that these melodies enhance the creative process. This music blends effortlessly with your life, enhancing it. The melodies make you want to sing with them. I can't recommend this CD highly enough. If you like etherial, Celtic/Irish music this CD is a must for your collection.

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