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Banco De Gaia - 10 Years CD. Buy online 10 Years (2002) Banco De Gaia - Music CD
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Song listing:
Disc: 1
Heliopolis (Redwood Mix) - Kincajou - Drippy - Last Train to Lhasa - How Much Reality Can You Take? (Jack Dangers Mix) - I Love Baby Cheesy (Skippy Mix) - Obsidian - Mafich Arabi - Sakarya - Drunk as a Monk - Data Inadequate
Disc: 2
Desert Wind (featuring Ofra Haza) - Celestine - Shanti (Black Mountain Mix) - Sinhala - 887 (Structure) - Gizeh - Touching the Void - Amber (Insect Intelligence)
Banco De Gaia - Igizeh CD. Buy online Igizeh (2000) Banco De Gaia - Music CD
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Song listing: Seti I - Obsidian - Creme Egg - Glove Puppet [Vocal Version] - Gizeh - How Much Reality Can You Take? - B2 - Fake It Till You Make It - Sixty Sixteen (For Karina)

Opinion of Ollie Williamson from Bath, England, UK

With out Doubt his best yet!

This is an album of sheer genius! From the very first note of the first track, Mr. de Gaia hits us right on the nose. He is truely in a world of his own (maybe shared with Bob Holroyd) when it comes to this euphoric and awe-inspiring music. It seems as though it is the job of Englishmen to bring us this style. Both these two have it mastered. How Banco is still able to shake the goose-bumps out of me is a mystery.
«Obsidian» for me is probably the absolute high-light. Beginning slowly and atmospherically for a couple of minutes before KAPOOW, Banco has suddenly transported you to a state of sheer bliss! Jennifer Folkes' vocals are immense and to the point, stirring every emotion possible, and more. She appears again on track 4, a vocal rendition of 'Glove Puppet' (a remake taken from 1999's album 'The Magical Sounds of'). This song marks a slightly darker aspect to the album, which absorbs you further, before emerging at the other end with the nineth and final track, 'Sixty Sixteen', which again displays the characteristics of 'Obsidian' with its charged build up oozeing with expectance before reaching its cruching and explosive finale. Hearts DO skip beats!
If there was another star on offer to rate this album, Igizeh would have it. 6 out of 5 for Igizeh, you would be mad not to buy it!

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Banco De Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa CD. Buy online Last Train to Lhasa (2002) - Music CD
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Song listing: Disc 1
Last Train to Lhasa - Kuos - China (Clouds Not Mountains) - Amber - Kincajou - White Paint - 887 (Structure) Disc: 2
Kuos [Gnomes Mix] - Kincajou (Duck! Asteroid) - Eagle [Small Steppa Mix]

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