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B-Tribe CD. Buy Online Sensual Sensual (1998), B-Tribe - Music CD
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Track listing: Overture (Concierto de Aranjuez) - Alegria - Sometimes - Hablame - Sensual Sensual - Zapateado - Tribute to J.S. Bach - Guapa - Desesperada - Sa Trincha - Ahoy Ahoy - Ultima Canción - Unica Excusa

Opinion of Rico from San Diegoitlan, Califas

The title says it all

This disc will put you into one of those moods that only good company can satisfy:) An excellent bit of down tempo flameneco, drifting off into the neither neither land explored by such artists as Enigma or Kitaro. A blend of ethniciy and New Age music for a relaxing vibe that matches the afteglow. Although some reviewers have said it is unimaginative digital dribble I would beg to differ. B-Tribe has produced a theme based mix of music that evokes the strongest emotions in spite of the dream like qualities of the music. It is a disc that requires several listens and inevitably each sounds better and better. The balance between vocals, Spanish Flamenco guitar and studio work is mesmerizing, intoxicating and exhillirating all at once, a dreamy blend of exotica, much like the title, "Sensual Sensual." The standout tracks are numerous but two that seem to rise above the rest are "Hablame" with it's meshing and mixing of ole's and guitar and "La Guapa," with dreamy echoeing refrains, coupled with flamenco, for an effect that takes the listener to distant memories. For a different listening experience that conjures images and memories of the title, try this for that next encounter of the sensual kind, it can only enhance the experience. Great mood music for those special moments, to be shared or in private, it is beautiful music for the mind.

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Spiritual Spiritual. B-Tribe CD. Buy online Spiritual Spiritual (1997), B-Tribe - Music CD
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Track listing: Intro - Adagio In G-Minor - La Guitara - Sketches Of St. Antoni - Las Salinas - Spiritual! Spiritual! - Sa Verde - Matador De Sa Pena - Reprise: Spiritual! - Sunset In St. Carlos - She Moves Through The Fair - The Sun
Suave Suave - B-Tribe CD. Buy online Suave Suave (1995), B-Tribe - Music CD
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Song listing: Suave Suave - Que Mala Vida - Sensual - Ahoy - Hablando - Interlude - Albatross - Te Siento - Nanita (A Spanish Lullaby) - Poesia [Poem by Antonio Machado] - You Quiero Todo - Nanita [En Español]

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