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Andreas Vollenweider Music

Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica CD. Buy online Caverna Magica (1990) Andreas Vollenweider - Music CD
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Song listing: 1. Caverna Magica - Mandragora - Lunar Pond - Schajah Saretosh - Sena Stanjena? - Belladonna - Angóh! - Huiziopochtli - Con Chiglia - Geastrum Coronatum - Paix Verde

Opinion of a music fan from Campbellsville, Kentucky

If you haven't yet experienced A.V., this is the cd to begin your journey. And journey you will. Turn off the lights, put on your headphones, and let your mind travel to landscapes only your mind and his music can create. In the first tract, you will find yourself stepping into an as yet undiscovered magical cavern inside your soul. It was this cd that initiated me to the wondrous sounds of A.V., and I've been hooked ever since. The only cd I would recommend above this one for your first taste is The Trilogy, which encompasses the best of three of his best: White Winds, Behind the Garden and Caverna. The only downfall to The Trilogy, is the jumping of themes. Each cd takes you to a specific plane, and I think it's best to enjoy them all one trip at a time. Add Dancing with the Lion and Down to the Moon to The Trilogy, and you've got what you need to take the most relaxing vacation of your life, without leaving home. Book of Roses, Eolian Minstrel and Kryptos will round out a fantastic collection, but you can save these until you your ready for your next vacation. They will take you to completely different eras. Buy Caverna Magica for yourself, then buy it for friends. They'll thank you for the peace of mind.

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Andreas Vollenweider - White Winds CD. Buy online White Winds (1990) Andreas Vollenweider - Music CD
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Song listing: White Winds/White Boat (First View)- Hall of the Stars/Hall of the Mosaics (Meeting You) - Glass Hall (Choose the Crystal) /The Play of the Five Balls - Woman and the Stone - Stone (Close-Up) - Phases of the Three Moons - Flight Feet & Root Hands - Brothership - Sisterseed- Trilogy (At the White Magic Gardens) /The White Winds
The Essential Andreas Vollenweider CD. Buy online The Essential Andreas Vollenweider (2002) - Music CD
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Song listing: 1. Behind The Gardens, Behind The Wall, Under The Tree...- Flight Feet & Root Hands - Belladonna - Angoh! - The Play Of The Five Balls- Pyramid - Pearls & Tears - See, My Love... - Moon Dance - Passage To Promise - Dancing With The Lion - Wanja The Wanderer - Night Fire Dance - Cor Do Amor - Stella- Paix Verde

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