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Afro Celt Sound System - Seed CD. Buy online Seed (2003) - Afro Celt Sound System - Music CD
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Song listing:Cyberia - Seed - Nevermore - The Otherside - Ayub's Song / As You Were - Rise Above - Rise Above It - Deep Channel - All Remains - Green Instrumental

You must absolutely add this CD to your collection

Janice K. Lapkiewicz from Buckingham, Pennsylvania United States

This definitely has a different vibe than their three previous amazing CD's, but how could this multi-talented band put out anything that isn't SPECTACULAR!! If you absolutely loved their first three albums than you must absolutely add this CD to your collection. The tracs "Seed" and "Deep Channel" are more in keeping with their older stuff but the entire CD is awesome, beautiful and mood altering. If you're a fan, just get it...if you don't have any of their other music start with the first three CD's before this one... you won't be disappointed, just addicted!!

Afro Celt Sound System - Further in Time CD. Buy online Further in Time (2001) - Afro Celt Sound System - Music CD
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Song listing: North - Part 1 - North - Part 2 - When You're Falling (featuring Peter Gabriel) - Shadow Man - Lagan - Colossus - Life Begins Again (featuring Robert Plant) - Further in Time - Go on Through - Persistence of Memory - Silken Whip - Onwards

Breathtaking.... I'm speechless

Review by MoonGoddess

This has got to be the best world album ever made. It surpasses anything I've ever heard before...

After buying the Stigmata soundtrack and hearing Afro Celt's "Release" with Sinead 'O Connor I thought that it was good but not enough so to persuade me to buy their record. But when I heard of their new release on CNN's Worldbeat I became deeply curious. It wasn't until I heard three songs on two different occasions from a local radio station that I knew I had to obtain their third album Volume 3: Further In Time. I bought it with much haste and am so glad that I did because it fuses everything I look for in world music.

My favorites (though I love them all) would have to be the catchy single "When You're Falling" and "Persistence Of Life," which both feature the incredible male vocals of Peter Gabriel, the electronic-based "Shadowman," the African-dance tune "Further In Time," the rock/egyptian-tinged "Life Begin Again--" which is sung by Robert Plant--, "Go On Through" with its Celtic opening and its breakthrough to airy, alternative female singing by Pina, and the final track, "Onwards," which will enrapture you in its timeless beauty. In other words this CD is dazzling, notable, mesmerizing, and, simply put, world without boundaries. I'd suggest this record to anyone who likes plane good music. It's a good accomodation to anyone's home...

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Afro Celt Sound System - Sound Magic CD. Buy online Sound Magic (1996) - Afro Celt Sound System - Music CD
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Song listing:  Saor/Free/News From Nowhere - Whirl-y-reel 1 (Beard And Sandals Mix) - Inion/Daughter - Sure-As-Not/Sure-As-Knot (Jungle Segue) - Nil Cead Againn Dul Abhaile/We Cannot Go Home - Dark Moon, High Tide (Including Farewell To Eireann) - Whirl-y-reel 2 (Folk Police Mix) - House Of The Ancestors - Eistigh Liomsa Sealad/To Me/Saor Reprise

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