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Adiemus - Cantata Mundi CD. Buy online Cantata Mundi (1999) - Adiemus - Music CD
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Song listing: Cantus - Song Of Tears - Chorale I (Za Ma Ba) - Cantus - Song Of The Spirit - Chorale II (Roosh Ka Ma) - Cantus - Song Of The Trinity - Chorale III (Vocalise) - Cantus - Song Of The Odyssey - Chorale IV (Alame Oo Ya) - Cantus - Song Of The Plains - Chorale V (Arama IVI) - Cantus - Song Of Invocation - Chorale VI (Sol-Fa) - Cantus - Song Of Aeolus - Chorale VII (A Ma Ka Ma)

Opinion of Amy N. Sakmyster from Rochester, NY

Adiemus I, II, III - Best Music of Millennium

Two years ago, I purchased Adiemus I, Songs of Sanctuary because I was intrigued by the hybrid of classic European music and vocals with the dynamic compositions of ethnic songs, rhythm, and vocals. This album reminded me of haunting scenes and landscapes in Nothern Europe I visited, and within moments took me to the sunny extremes of an African paradise. I enjoyed this CD so entirely, I purchased Adiemus III, Dances of Time, last year, another extraordinary masterpiece, bringing the worlds of music together with grace, and life. But of all three of these albums, Adiemus II, Cantada Mundi, I believe, is Jenkins' best work. The music is more symphonic than the first (which is carried through in Dances of Time), but there is more depth to this ablum that I cannot explain. It is an awakening to listen to this music, and Jenkins' has truly captured the meaning of life with his music. Also, wonderful vocals by Miriam Stockley, one of the finest singers in this world.

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Adiemus - The Journey CD. Buy online The Journey (1994) - Adiemus - Music CD
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Song listing: 1. Adiemus 2. Cantus Inaequalis - Adiemus 3. Kayama [Radio Edit] - Adiemus 4. In Caelum Fero [Radio Edit] - London Philharmonic Orchestra 5. Hymn - Adiemus 6. Cantilena - London Philharmonic Orchestra 7. Cantus-Song of the Trinity [Edit] - Adiemus 8. Cantus-Song of the Plains [Edit] - Adiemus 9. Elegia - Adiemus 10. Chorale VI+Cantus-Song of Aeolus - Adiemus 11. Chorale I (Za Ma Ba) - Adiemus 12. Cantus-Song of Tears - Adiemus 13. Rain Dance [Edit] - London Philharmonic Orchestra 14. Ein Wiener Walzer (A Viennese Waltz) - London Philharmonic Orchestra 15. Corrente (Courante) - London Philharmonic Orchestra 16. Zarabanda (Saraband) - Adiemus 17. La La Koora (Lšndler) - London Philharmonic Orchestra 18. Beyond the Century - London Philharmonic Orchestra 19. Adiemus [1999 New Version]
Adiemus - Songs of Sanctuary CD. Buy online Songs of Sanctuary (1994) - Adiemus - Music CD
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Song listing: Adiemus - Tintinnabulum - Cantus Inaequalis - Cantus Insolitus - In Caelum Fero - Cantus Iteratus - Amate Adea - Kayama - Hymn

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