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Adagio: Classical Music for Yoga

Peter Davison

Adagio: Classical Music for Yoga. Buy this CD More Info | Buy the CD

Track Listings:
1. Pavane — 2. Enveloping Mist — 3. Reverie — 4. Andante, Fl Son #5 — 5. Arabesque — 6. Sunlight Through A Vaulted Window — 7. The Maid With The Flaxen Hair — 8. Prld in e — 9. Gymnopedie — 10. Siciliano, Fl Son #2 — 11. Andante, Trio Son in g — 12. Moonlight Son — 13. Ryan Arrives — 14. The Sunken Cathedral — 15. Iris

Great classical collection and a super track by Davison

Opinion of C. N. IOANNIDIS from Athens, Paleo Psychico Greece

Peter Davison has a long career behind him (I, personally, have over 10 CDs of his). This CD may not be typical Davison but it definitely is a collection of very well-chosen and orchestrated classical pieces (and some of his music). I fully agree with the friend from Tupelo (that's Mississipi, USA, isn't it?) about "Sunlight Through a Vaulted Window". Very few songs nowadays are capable to touch the chords of our hearts.

Such beautiful music, I was moved to tears!

Opinion of a music fan from Tupelo, MS

This is by far the best CD I have for relaxation. The classical selections are arranged beautifully and the originals are so moving. "Sunlight Through a Vaulted Window" may be THE most beautiful song I have heard in a long time — actually moved me to tears!

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