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The Essential Kierkegaard

by Howard V. Hong, Edna H. Hong, Soren Kierkegaard

Buy the book: Howard V. Hong. The Essential Kierkegaard

Release Date: 30 May, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Howard V. Hong. The Essential Kierkegaard

May the laughter by on your side

With a dizzying series of pseudonyms, from Climaticus to Anticlimaticus, this book selects from the Hong's expansive translation of all of Kierkegaard's writings. The introductions place each piece in context, but don't over interpret as some other books. Reading from the complete work presents a view of Kierkegaard's total plan ("The Authorship") and his voices of the religious, esthetic, and ethical. In light of the whole body, "Concluding Unscientific postscript" seems to have a pivotal role. Existentialists may like to claim him as he speaks of the individual about despair, fear and trembling, and anxiety, but make no mistake his work is to be a Christian (" Once and for all I must urgently request the kindly disposed reader continually to bear in mente [in mind] that the total thought in the entire work as an author is this" becoming a Christian"). He is a self appointed critic of the established church and the inclusion of the lesser known "The Lily of the Field and the Bird of the Air' shows the religious side. Present are all of Kierkegaard's "Knights": the Knight of Faith, the Knight of Infinite Resignation, and the Knight of Hidden Awareness. Humor and irony abound. Come leap in, and have a good read!

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haven't read this particular edition of Kierkegard

nevertheleee... introduced to man as on of
the four main existentialist.., nietsche,
camus sartre... maybe fifth antoine de
st. exupery's flight to arras

however.. suffice to comment.. kierkegard
is mellow man

the triumvirate brace of christianic
philosophy is soren kierkegard, and
the psychologists, bruto bettleheim,
harry stack sullivan, and karen horney

best wishes,
enjoy one's own bibliophilic bent

coastwatch quadrant 8,
truk atoll, caroline islands,south pacific

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