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Alchemy : An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psycholog

by Marie-Louise Von Franz, Marie-Louise von Franz, Von Franz Marie Louise

Buy the book: Marie-Louise Von Franz. Alchemy : An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psycholog

Release Date: January, 1981

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Marie-Louise Von Franz. Alchemy : An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psycholog


just a note: the review above refers to Anatomy of the Psyche by Edinger. Anatomy of the Soul is a misprint.

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A meeting with a remarkable mind

I first discovered Marie-Louise Von Franz in her collaboration with Emma Jung in their extraordinary book "The Grail Legend", which is by far the most intellectually coherent book I have ever encountered regarding that material, in which they place those strange and surreal stories in the framework of a Jungian perspective on the history of consciousness. In these lectures on alchemical symbolism, Von Franz applies many of the same Jungian techniques to explore some important alchemical texts.

I especially appreciated her decision to explore three texts in depth, rather than simply presenting a survey of alchemical literature, since there are numerous other books that do that. The fact that this is a transcript of a lecture series actually adds a wonderful dramatic tension to the book, since it includes some encounters with the attendees that demonstrate both her tremendous humanity and her impressive understanding of the subject and its relevance to modern psychology.

One of the most provocative concepts presented is the danger of an individual experiencing an overload of revelation from the unconscious, with its accompanying challenge of integrating more insight than a mere mortal can manage. Von Franz explores this concept especially well in the discussion of the text by Thomas Aquinas, where we learn about his very stressful final years in a very moving lecture that continues to provide me with much to ponder.

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