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Warrior of the Light : A Manual

by Paulo Coelho

Buy the book: Paulo Coelho. Warrior of the Light : A Manual

Release Date: 18 March, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Paulo Coelho. Warrior of the Light : A Manual

Everybody should read it

This is a book of wonders, the ordinary man/woman facing his/her destiny and fighting against all odds to find his/her place on Earth. If I were rich enoguh, I would buy thousands of copies do give to people all over the world. The best of Coelho so far, although I don't understand why did the publisher related it to The Alchemist

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so tender, so inspiring ,so beautiful and so powerful !!!!

Warrior of Light is a truly poetic book. The way Coelho wrote this book is impressively unique. The message is very compelling and touching.The book is destined to be as timeless and classic as Gibran's The Prophet. It's a masterpiece and perfect companion to The Alchemist.

If readers eagerly want to explore what is Coelho's "Philosophy of Meaningful & Spiritual Living", this book can be the answer. The book powerfully presents the heart of Coelho's Philosophy of Life.

Like The Alchemist, this book is a truly spiritual novel. And if you want to apply the concept in The Alchemist into your everyday life, Warrior of Light is a manual!!! Valuable!!!

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