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241. Health Consciousness: A Guide from Babaji for Perfect Health
by Roger G. Lanphear

242. Healthy Living Is A Seasonal Affair : A Season-by-Season Guide to Optimal Health and Well Being the Natural Way
by Kay Jenkins Bryant

243. Heart of Forgiveness: A Practical Path to Healing
by Madeline Ko-I Bastis

244. Heart's Code, The
by Paul P. Pearsall

245. Hearts of Fire: Cult Recovery & Spiritual Transformation
by Kara Sorensen

246. Heaven Help Me! A Celestial Guide to Healing
by Nancy Freier

247. Herbs: The Magic Healers: A Complete Guide to Physical and Spiritual Well-Being
by Paul Twitchell

248. Hidden Faces Of The Soul
by Sheldon Z. Kramer PhD, Mardeene Burr Mitchell

249. Hidden Messages in Water
by Masaru Emoto

250. History of Energy Transference: Exploring the Foundations of Modern Healing
by Willy Schrodter

251. Holistic Home: Creating An Environment for Physical & Spiritual Well-Being
by Joanna Trevelyan

252. How Long Till My Soul Gets It Right? : 100 Doorways on the Journey to Happiness
by Robert M. Alter, Jane Alter

253. How to Break Through Invisible Barriers
by Georgette "Zeta" Galas, Georgette Zeta Galas, Zeta Galas, etc.

254. How to Change Your Mind: Using Modern Psychological Methods and the Wisdom of Edgar Cayce
by Peter Alimaras

255. How to Develop Personal Magnetism and Healing Powers
by Anonymous, Paul Tice

256. How to Die and Survive : Addictions, Crisis, Change, and Transitions
by Angela Browne-Miller

257. How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted: Complete Guide to Using Your Psychic Common Sense
by Adrian, Ph.D. Calabrese

258. How to Heal and Be Healed: A Guide to Health in Times of Change
by Paul Lambillion

259. How to Heal With Color (Llewellyn's Practical Guide to Personal Power)
by Ted Andrews

260. How to Live Large on a Small Planet
by Solara

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