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181. Greengrass Pipe Dancers: Crazy Horse's Pipe Bag and a Search for Healing
by Lionel Little Eagle, Little Eagle

182. Grief the Healer: Spiritual Reflections on the Healing Power of Grief
by Jim McGregor, Phyllis McGregor, Janie Bullard

183. Guia Practica a LA Visualizacion Creativa: Tecnicas Efectivas Para Lograr Lo Deseado
by Melita Denning, Osborne Phillips, Edgar Rojas, etc.

184. Guide to Natural Health: Using the Horoscope As a Key to Ancient Healing Practices
by Jonathan Keyes

185. Guided Imagery for Self-Healing: An Essential Resource for Anyone Seeking Wellness
by Martin L., MD Rossman

186. Hands of Faith: Healers of Brazil (Profiles in Healing series)
by Bradford, Ph.D. Keeney, Bradford Keeney Ph.D.

187. Hands-On Healing: A Practical Guide to Channeling Your Healing Energies
by Jack Angelo

188. Harmony Healing the Reiki Way
by Elza Meintjies

189. Heal Thy Self : Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine
by Saki Santorelli

190. Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them/102A
by Louise L. Hay

191. Healer's Handbook: A Holistic Guide to Wellness in the New Age
by Patricia Telesco

192. Healers, Helpers, Wizards and Guides: A Healing Journey
by Bertie Ryan Synowiec

193. Healing and Spirituality: The Sacred Quest for Transformation of Body and Soul
by Joan, Ph.D. Borysenko

194. Healing Body, Mind & Spirit: A Guide to Energy-Based Healing
by Howard F. Batie

195. Healing by Water or Drinking Sunlight a History and Explanation 1950
by T. Hartley-Hennessy

196. Healing Cards: A Daily Practice for Maintaining Spiritual Balance
by Caroline Myss, Peter Occhiogrosso

197. Healing Energies: A System of Preventing Disease by Studying the Blueprint of the Body
by Stephen Paul Shepard

198. Healing Energies: Using the Powers of Nature to Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit (Health Essentials)
by Raje Airey

199. Healing From a Grandmother's Heart
by Amanda Larson

200. Healing Mantras : Using Sound Affirmations for Personal Power, Creativity, and Healing
by Thom Ashley-Farrand

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