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Access the Power of Your Higher Self

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Buy the book: Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Access the Power of Your Higher Self

Release Date: 01 July, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Access the Power of Your Higher Self

Prophet makes a esoteric subject practical

This was my first book reading the Higher Self when I put it 2 years ago. Over the course of the last 2 years I read many many new age and spiritual books discussing opening and awakening to your Higher Self...but no one wrote it as well and as simplistic as Prophet. Prophet excells when she is not talking about alchemy or lost years of Jesus, but more when she is talking about angels, abundance, and higher self. For whatever reason those are her strong points. Possibly because she does not channel the entities in these areas as much as in the previous, I dont know. I dont care either. The layout of this book is fantastic and Im quite surprised that the sales count for this book is so low. For everyone who wants to know how to access your higher self, your God-Self, this is the book to use. Prophet gives detailed meditations and mantras that work immediately upon the use of them. They are powerful, they are direct, and they are not meant for you to spend a life-time acheiving. If you dont believe me, buy the book!

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