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Becoming the Goddess

by Janet I. Decker

Buy the book: Janet I. Decker. Becoming the Goddess

Release Date: 03 August, 2001

Edition: Audio CD


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Buy the book: Janet I. Decker. Becoming the Goddess

Not just for Wiccans--Your Mother wants you to call Her!

Even thought I'm a longtime practicioner of Wicca, there are times when a frazzled Witch has trouble tuning in to "Mama" This CD comes in handy for quickly and reliably connecting with the Goddess, and is general enough for practicioners of any faith or view. I sometimes listen to it in a herbal bath for the ULTIMATE relaxation Womb experience after a freaky day. (Please, be safe w/electricity and make sure you're "propped up" in the bath)
I haven't yet tried this one on my husand (Pilot, science-minded skeptic & sometime guinea pig/but he DID marry a Witch!)but it should be fun!

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Open Mind, Open Heart , Expand Your Horizons

This two part CD is extremely interesting and totally relaxing to listen to. The first part brings your mind and body together as one. It is a nice prelude to the second part of the CD. The second part of the CD allows you to consider other alternatives theories to our existence and our capablilites as humans on this plane, we call earth. It also gives you an appreciation of the beautiful world surrrounding us and the ultimate joy and calm it can hold for each of us,if we just take the time to develop the consciousness to enjoy it. This CD is a wonderful, peaceful interlude to the hectic pace of our lives today.

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