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1121. The Taijiquan Way: A Spiritual Survival Manual: Revised Edition
by Darin A. Hamel

1122. The Tao of Gung Fu: A Study in the Way of Chinese Martial Arts (Bruce Lee Library, Vol 2)
by Bruce Lee, John Little

1123. The Tao of Health and Fitness: The Kung-Fu Master's Workout
by Jiawen Miao

1124. The Tao of Self-Defense
by Scott Shaw

1125. The Three Lives of a Practitioner: A Modern Day Samurai's Life and the Road He Took....Within the Shadows
by Donald Dow

1126. The Twenty Guiding Principles of Karate: The Spiritual Legacy of the Master
by Gichin Funakoshi, Genwa Nakasone, John Teramoto, etc.

1127. The Ultimate Book of Martial Arts
by Fay Goodman, Mike James

1128. The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Martial Arts
by Robert Price, Maryanne Haselow-Dulin, Robert G. Price

1129. The Ultimate Martial Art: Renbukai
by Ronald L. Marchini

1130. The Ultimate Martial Arts Q&A Book : 750 Expert Answers to Your Essential Questions
by John Corcoran, John Graden

1131. The Unauthorized Jackie Chan Encyclopedia : From "Project A" to "Shanghai Noon" and Beyond
by John Corcoran

1132. The Unfettered Mind: Writings of the Zen Master to the Sword Master
by Takuan Soho, William Scott Wilson, Takuan

1133. The Universal Form: Transforming Stress to Power in Three Minutes a Day
by Lawrence Tan

1134. The Warrior As Healer:A Martial Arts Herbal for Power, Fitness, and Focus
by Thomas Richard Joiner

1135. The Warrior Is Silent: Martial Art and the Spiritual Path
by Scott Shaw

1136. The Warrior Within : The Philosophies of Bruce Lee
by John R. Little, Linda Lee

1137. The Warrior's Path : Wisdom from Contemporary Martial Arts Masters
by James Sidney

1138. The Way of a Warrior
by Robert W. Smith, John F. Gilbey

1139. The Way of the Cosmic Fist: A Beginners Guide into the Art of Tai-Ch'Uan-Tao
by John J. Gabriel, Rod L. Griffin

1140. The Way of the River: Adventures and Meditations of a Woman Martial Artist
by BK Loren

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