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Kamikaze Fighting : The Self-Defense Of Last Resort

by Mike Vassolo

Buy the book: Mike Vassolo. Kamikaze Fighting : The Self-Defense Of Last Resort

Release Date: September, 1989

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Mike Vassolo. Kamikaze Fighting : The Self-Defense Of Last Resort

Violent crime... and how to prevent it!

This is an excellent book on how to stop violence from being inacted against you. The prevailing attitude of the book is, "don't fight unless life or limb are in danger, but if you fight, make it count". The first four chapters of this book are primarily on mental preparation, and include concepts like "no-mind" and striking beyond your target. Statistics of violent crime, up to date in 1986-87, are also presented, to let the reader know what he or she is up against. Also included are some physical preparations, like training stances, "circles of power" for blocking, and "tiger moves", a set of dynamic tension excersises. The next four chapters are on stances and mobility, strikes, kicks, and blocking, falling, and defensive tactics, respectively. The strikes include a variety of finger-jabs and open-hand strikes, and the blocks are kept circular; this shows Mr. Vassolo's roots in Kempo. Next is "Increasing Your Survivability", another mental preparation chapter, and then a chapter on dealing with weapons, multiple attackers, dogs (!), and crimes against women. For the record, I can only remember one other book that discussed dog attacks, showing how thoroughly the author has prepared the reader. The last chapter is on self-mastery, and other introspective subjects. Finally, there are two appendixes, one on what body weapon is suited for what target (like "eye-pokes with the fingers"), and another on do-it-yourself katas. This book works quite well with John McSweeney's "Street Karate", as he is apparently Mr. Vassolo's teacher; it's addition can help "Kamikaze"'s readers better understand how the techniques are applied. I would have sold the books as a set; sadly, as it is, I think both are now out of print. This books strongest point is it's emphasis on mental/psychological preparation, and the only detraction I have is minor: I think there were too many finger-jab varieties that complecated things. I'd recomend this book to anyone interested in self-defense, especially those with training in traditional martial arts.

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