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Jun Fan Gung Fu: Seeking the Path of Jeet Kune Do

by Kevin, R. Seaman

Buy the book: Kevin, R. Seaman. Jun Fan Gung Fu: Seeking the Path of Jeet Kune Do

Release Date: 02 March, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Kevin, R. Seaman. Jun Fan Gung Fu: Seeking the Path of Jeet Kune Do

Great Supplementary Literature on JKD

I have read most of the Bruce Lee library, small to big. My never-ending search for more knowledge brings me to other authors such as Sifu Seaman who was instructed by Sifu Dan Inosanto (no introduction needed there). Not having any limits is what Sifu Bruce Lee always insisted. Also having now way as "way". Never stop learning. Never stop practicing. That's what I live by. This book is a great addition to any JKD practitioner. Improving the fundamentals of JKD is the core. You move to your own path from there.


-Be water, my friend- Sifu Bruce Lee

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Excellent addition to any serious martial artist's library

This book is an excellent overview of the basics of Jun Fan Gung Fu, the Gung Fu system developed by the late Bruce Lee, using the concepts and principles of Jeet Kune Do. It is very well organized and well written and everything is very clearly explained and illustrated.

One thing in particular that I really like about this book is that the first two chapters cover Jun Fan's footwork (as in stance, mobility, etc., not kicking), the foundation upon which everything else is built, which makes it an excellent companion to Chris Kent and Tim Tackett's books "Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing" and "Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do: The Textbook" which are also very good, but do not cover stance or footwork very well.

Excellent study guide for any Jun Fan / JKD student.

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