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25 Shoto-Kan Kata

by Shojiro Sugiyama, T. S. Fleck, Peter Panayiotou

Buy the book: Shojiro Sugiyama. 25 Shoto-Kan Kata

Release Date: 01 January, 1984

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Shojiro Sugiyama. 25 Shoto-Kan Kata

A must have for learning Shotokan Kata!

This book is very easy to understand. It presents the reader with the first steps to learning kata by providing the student with the sequence of moves as well as the timing of the moves. It also includes applications for some of the more intricate moves.

Unlike other kata books which detail the moves via photographs, the line drawings allow the student to see how to transition from one move to the next. And the use of compass points makes it easy to keep track of where you are supposed to be going.

This is a good book for beginner and advanced students as it includes the 25 traditional shotokan kata.

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The best value Shotokan Kata Book hands down!

Sugiyama Sensei has painstakingly crafted this step by step kata book for over 15 years, and I am aware of at least three iterations as he has refined it over the years. He worked closely with both top JKA international instructors and his own blackbelt students to ensure that each move in each kata is accurate. This is no mean feat considering the myriad of details in even the simplest kata and the variations found from club to club and instructor to instructor! In addition the text is written in English, Japanese and Spanish!

The result is a kata book that is comprehensive, including key graphic information on direction and timing of each move, as well as important details such as hip rotation or hand or foot placement. I have seen instructors refer to it on the dojo floor for details of a particular move in an advanced kata as well as beginners use it as the first step to learning a new kata. Although there are several other good kata books available, you are not going to find one that comes close to this single volume in value for the price!

Now Sensei... if you would please write a companion text showing some applications for each of the kata!

David Kaneda JKA Blackbelt

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