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1,001 Street Fighting Secrets : The Principles Of Contemporary Fighting Arts

by Sammy Franco

Buy the book: Sammy Franco. 1,001 Street Fighting Secrets : The Principles Of Contemporary Fighting Arts

Release Date: March, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Sammy Franco. 1,001 Street Fighting Secrets : The Principles Of Contemporary Fighting Arts


Man, this was one weird book!!! Given the price tag, and Mister Franco's reputation, I expected a lot more, but he didn't deliver . . . I guess you're expected to buy the rest of his books and attend his seminars if you want to learn the real "secrets." Very arrogant attitude, and heavy on the machismo, which I didn't much care for. I took note that in the hundreds of photographs of Sammy pretending to spar, he is wearing an automatic pistol and a knife! Why does one need to be carrying a pistol openly in one's dojo? Whom is he trying to impress by this? I also noted that Sammy seemed to be rather uncomfortable in the photograph in which he posed with a large German Shephard . . . I'm assuming that the dog is not his bestest buddy. In this book was disclosed some disturbing information. For example: Mister Franco likes to listen to "Billy Idol" music when he trains, and only one of his students has "earned the right" to wear a black T-shirt (which seems to denote mastery of his "Contemporary Fighting Arts" style). Be advised that most of the 1,001 "Secrets" are simple common sense things that you can find in almost any other book on the subject -- and a few of the "secrets" were either questionable or totally irrelevant (for example, one reads simply: "Evil must be vanquished" -- what the heck is THAT???). I'm not going to speculate upon what type of childhood trauma might've motivated Mister Franco to walk around armed to the teeth, present himself to the world as the "Baddest Man Alive," and write atrocities like "1,001 Street Fighting Secrets," but I certainly will NOT be recommending this overpriced book to you or anyone else! I gave it two stars simply due to the fact that it is not altogether bad.

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Failed to meet my high expectations

This was a pretty good book, but a lot of the 1,001 "secrets" left a lot to be desired. Most of the info was simple common sense. Didn't much care for the author's arrogance, either. Be advised that this is a fairly expensive book, considering what you get for your money.

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