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A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung

by Daniel Reid

Buy the book: Daniel Reid. A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung

Release Date: 07 March, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Daniel Reid. A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung

Excellent and responsible introduction to chi gung.

I was introduced to the practice of chi gung through the writings of Daniel Reid--this book and another on traditional Chinese medicine.

The descriptions of the exercises are the best of any of the books I have read since (about 8), and the practice routine he includes is extremely well-structured and beneficial. I have been doing this routine daily for about 6 months, and have enjoyed numerous substantial benefits from it. No other author I have found has provided such a complete workout routine. I have continued to use it as a basis for additional material I have learned from other sources.

I am most grateful that Mr. Reid, among others, has been willing to make this information available to us in print.

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Excellent book for beginners, very concise and explanatory.

For those of you starting to learn Chi Kung, this book will give you thorough information about the whole history, the different practices and forms, and the relation body to universal chi. It?ll also give you explanations about the benefits of practicing Chi Kung for yourself as preventive healthcare as well as how it is used to heal others. It covers the various ways of working with Chi, best locations, best time and environment, and a few sets of daily practices.
This book is excellent for beginners wanting to know what they are dealing with or for curious people to get a good knowledge of Chi Kung. Highly recommended.

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