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Tae kwon do resources: World Tae kwon do Federation, ITF tae kwon do, poomses, tae kwon do patterns, history, schools, articles, news, events, photos, tournaments, books, videos, equipment.
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Tae kwon do. Tae kwon do federations. Poomse and pattern guides. News, events, photos

General Taekwondo Information - Includes overview, ethics and etiquette of Tae kwon do, history, Tae kwon do poomse list with explanations, self defence and other aspects of art. The language of Tae kwon do with soundfiles, FAQ section, Tae kwon do and other MA links, photo gallery. Information is on both ITF tae kwon do and World Tae kwon do Federation versions.

Justin's Guide to Taekwon-Do - A website on ITF Tae kwon do - history, tenets, system of rank, terminology, Tae kwon do patterns, photo gallery, articles, Tae kwon do quizzes, links. Tae kwon do in Singapore.

Martial Arts Resource - Devoted to Korean and Filipino martial arts. Home to The_Dojang mailing list with over 1000 members. Subscription to Dojang digest, digest search, Korean arts WWW links, FAQ, bookstore. A really good resource page started in 1996.

The official Quest Taekwondo website - The home for Quest Taekwondo, an England-located World Tae kwon do Federation organisation. Overall Tae kwon do information, news, calendar of events, venues, classes, instructors, terminology, photo gallery, recommended books with comments.

"People and Events of T'aekwondo's Formative Years" - An irrefragable article on Tae kwon do history.

The official ITF Tae kwon do website - International Tae kwon do Federation information and events - courses and seminars, tournament shedules, promotions, world championship results. Tae kwon do pattern guides, publications, news bulletins, suppliers. On-line shop with books, videos and official clothes. Bulletin board and chat room.

World Tae kwon do Federation website - World Tae kwon do Federation detailed info, overall Tae kwon do knowledge - history, philosophy, poomse explanation, WTF rules and regulations, competetition rules, doping control, olympic procedure, WTF events and news, competetions, Tae kwon do celebrities and champions. Media archive, photo gallery, bulletin board, FAQ's.

Collected by Ded Mazay

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