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Kung Fu, Gung Fu - history, articles, equipment, books, videos. Kung Fu San Soo, Wing Chun, Shaolin.

Kwan Yin Kung Fu San Soo Homepage - A good information source about Kung Fu San Soo. Overview and details, psychology of San Soo, a page about Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo, Kung Fu San Soo schools, articles and interviews, San Soo online shop (US), questions and answers, San Soo Journal page, MA links. Ron Scanlon's and Bill Lasiter's Kung Fu San Soo academies.

Kung Fu Homepage - A page containing a list of Kung Fu schools, a listing and description of many different Kung Fu styles, teachings of Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin, an interesting story about how it was once to study Kung Fu in China. Links to other MA sites.

Kung Fu San Soo store - Everything related to Kung Fu San Soo - videos, books, lessons, uniforms, belts, weapons. Information about Kung Fu San Soo - overview, history, Jimmy H. Woo, associated schools. Links.

Shaolin Kung Fu Institute - Institute overview, FAQ, Kung Fu styles, Shaolin history, Shaolin philosophy, temples. Online shop - videos, training equipment, recommended books, Shaolin Institute CD-ROMs.

Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo Kung Fu San Soo Associates - Devoted to Kung Fu San Soo, includes history, articles, instructor information, event description, online shop featuring J.H. Woo memorabilia, videotapes, San Soo patches and more.

Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association - The website of the association promoting the development and practice of the martial arts and sciences, mostly the Wing Chung and Choy Lay Fut styles. You will find an instructor list, news, supply section, gallery, links here.

Kung Fu Mailing List - A world-wide maillist devoted to discussions about all types of chinese martial arts, with some 350 members world-wide, in it's 5th year of operation. Quite a large variety of schools and styles are represented in its membership, which includes members from at least 30 different countries around the world.

Collected by Ded Mazay

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