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Aikido. Morihei Ueshiba. Aikido video clips and images, essays and articles

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Capoeira For Beginners Video
Keijutsukai Aikido: Japanese Art of Self-Defense (video)

Thomas Makiyama. 40 techniques, extensions, modifications, step-by-step elaboration or fundamentals, intermediate, and advanced. 60 minutes.

The Aikido FAQ - A great site! It really deserves it's name and even more - a very complex and fine work. Here you will find information on every aspect of this great teaching. History, philosophy, articles and essays, photographs of O Sensei (Morihei Ueshiba), his biography, interviews with Aikido senseis, Steven Seagal section, stories and anecdotes, Aikido links, materials on practice, Aikido video clips, photos, poetic Songs of the Way by O Sensei and far much more.

Aikiweb Aikido Information - A profound repository for Aikido information. General issues, Aikido glossary, spiritual and energetic Aikido aspects, techniques, testing information. Also Aikido news from all over the world, dojo search, seminar information, aikigallery with photos that show the essence of Aikido, humor, books, videos and supplies and much more. A multimedia section with Aikido video clips, Sensei images, dojo photos.

Aikido World Web Journal - A huge site on nowadays Aikido. Events, highlights, Aikido world news, Aikidoka insights, book and video reviews, information on health and body, dojos, issues on various aspects of Aikido, author's materials. Steven Seagal Aikido photos. Links to dojo equipment sellers. Selected books and videos, dojo directory. The latest and complete information from Aikido world.

Aikidodotcom - A good collection of links to Aikido resources - dojo search, events calendar, Aikido discussion forums and maillists, publications, commercial sites. Aikido lineage, section of O Sensei - the Aikido founder. Check out an Email service.

Aikido Today Magazine - Magazine's website. You can order order the magazine here as well as books, videos, aikido cards, treatments, Aikido training gear (swords, kiekogi gi's, seiza bench). A calendar of Aikido events (outside US also) and dojo directory.

Body Mind and Modem - An interesting site related to specific aspects of Aikido. Basic information on energetic Aikido principles, Ki exercises, cool Ki tricks, online games for practicing Ki. Also reports of Aikido influence on everyday life and overall Aikido Kokikai information. If you'd like to learn more about your body and mind - you are welcome!

Steven Seagal and the Aikido - A page dedicated to Steven Seagal and Aikido. Steven Seagal Aikido photos, thoughts and statements. The page was done to bring the philosophy and other aspects of Aikido a little bit closer. - Aikido - beginner's guide book.

Collected by Ded Mazay

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The Essence of Aikido
by Morihei Ueshiba Morihei Ueshiba Book: The Essence of Aikido
Aiki News magazine
"... indispensable book for the serious aikidoka ... the best technical photos of the founder that I have ever seen...."
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