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The Quest

Capoeira movie: Only the strong Starring: Jean-Claud Van Damme
Director: Jean-Claud Van Damme
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Review of midnightblue_80 from Alabama

A quest worth taking

In "The Quest," Jean-Claude Van Damme directs and stars in this action movie about a street dweller (Jean-Claude Van Damme) who helps out kids that are on the street the best he can. He accidentally gets onboard a freight ship and travels to the Far East. Some people notice his fighting skills and he eventually gets entered in a fighting tournament that features the best fighters from various countries and continents. The fighters range from a sumo wrestler from Japan, a martial arts fighter from China who fights just like a monkey, and a monstrous and intimidating fighter from Mongolia. It's up to Van Damme to try and show everybody that he's the best fighter and have a chance at winning a huge golden dragon that goes to the fighter.

Unlike what Van Damme movies are usually known for, "The Quest" does have a good plot, and it's even directed by Van Damme himself. He should make more movies like this. "The Quest" has a plot, the fighting is exciting, and it's a good movie. I recommend anybody who likes good fighting movies to get "The Quest." You'll be glad you went along on this quest.

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Review of a viewer from Timbuktoo


This is a fine Van Damme movie. Once again he is pitted against the worlds greatest fighters.(This happens alot in his movies!) Once at the contest, he ends up fighting a huge mongolian man who feels no emotion, no pain, and no fear. Its obvious he cant be beaten. As the battle rages between them the crowd begins to back Van Damme. Although he is beaten down to a bloody pulp he begins to think of all the little orphans he will let down if he doesnt win. Suddenly with a renewed strength he hits the monster man with all his power, the stunned behemouth falls for the first time in his life. He looks at Van Damme with stunned amazement. With no reguard for his life, Van Damme brings all his power and skill to bore on the hulk and leaves him dead in the dirty filthy street! Broken and beaten bad himself he crawls to the gold prize statue and caresses it so gently.We were left dizzy with all the action and events. Two thumbs up.

From Amazon.com

Review of a viewer from Northern Ireland

Really cool

If you want to know the story, read Maltin's reveiw, we are just here to say this movie is amazing! there are loads of exciting fight scenes which never get repetitive or boring. The 18 certificate (or whatever that is over in USA)was not needed, as there is no bad language,gore or dirty stuff. It is really really brill. You sould buy it! it is the sort of film you could watch over and over again without getting bored.

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