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Capoeira video: Jogo De Capoeira (The Game of Capoeira)

Capoeira video: Jogo De Capoeira (The Game of Capoeira) Starring:
Director: Jedediah Gildersleeve
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Review of Nathan Erlin from San Diego, CA

Bravo Jogo, Bravo!

This video is absolutely incredible. Although I have been confined to a wheelchair from a childhood ice-blocking incident, after seeing this video, I felt like I was able to fly again. I have never played before, but as a viewer I felt like I was welcomed to participate in the world of Capoeira. The action sequences were amazing. The interviews were fascinating. I recommend it to anyone.

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Review of a viewer from Oakland, CA United States

A Documentary that Unfolds Like a Story

I've watched this video several times now and still find it fascinating. Capoeira is a very complex martial art that draws not only from movement, but also from music, spirituality, and generations of history, and the film maker manages to convey the awe-inspiring depth without over-romanticizing it.

The film combines interviews, music, history, and a lot of Capoeira, and it all flows naturally (without narration); the director lets the art and the participants speak for themselves, and the story they tell is very compelling. Actually, I'm really surprised the Discovery Channel or some such cable network hasn't already picked this up. If you are interested in Capoeira, or even if you've never heard of it, you'll love this film.

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Review of a viewer from Los Angeles, CA USA

Great Intro to the spirit of Capoeira

The is the best capoeira video I've ever seen (but there are not a lot of capoeira videos availible in the US). Even though "Jogo de Capoeira" focuses on Bira Almeida's (Mestre Acordeon) Capoeira Arts Cafe in Berkeley, it is a great documentary about the game of capoeira and what is means to be a capoeirista.

People from other martial arts often don't understand why someone might to a handstand in the middle of what they percieve as a fight. Get this video if you want to understand why.

This video won't teach you any capoeira moves. It will help both the capoeirista and non-capoeirista understand why people play capoeira, why they sing the capoiera songs, and why people live capoeira. Get this video if you want to better understand what is in a capoeirista's heart and mind...

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